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Club Rules

Note: these Rules contain amendments that are pending final approval via the Committee at the next AGM. 

1 - Aims

  1. To encourage the safe use of the river Nene and its surroundings (the river) for recreational boating and leisure pursuits.

  2. To encourage interest in the conservation and in the development and preservation of the river Nene.

  3. To promote awareness of the heritage and amenities afforded by the river Nene.

2 - Membership

  1. Individual Membership permits one Adult Member access to all Club facilities.

  2. Family Membership permits up to two Adult Members plus up to three Junior Members (persons under eighteen) access to all Club facilities.  All persons must be part of the same family.

  3. Membership is not transferable.

  4. Membership numbers are currently capped at a maximum of ninety memberships.

  5. Junior Members are not permitted to use Club facilities without an Adult Member from their family being present.

  6. The Adult Members of a Family Membership are responsible at all times for the safety and for the care and supervision and the behaviour of Junior Members of that family.

  7. No person or non-Member may enter Club land or premises or make use of Club facilities until the appropriate charges have been paid and acknowledged by the Committee.

  8. A Member must provide proof of membership e.g. name/membership number if challenged by an Officer of the Club or a Committee Member.

  9. A Member shall cease to be a Member on:

    1. Giving written notice of resignation.

    2. Failure to pay subscription within one month of the date due.

    3. Committing any act or engaging in behaviour judged by the Committee to be inconsistent with membership of the Club.

3 – Guests

Club membership will entitle one Adult Member per membership to permit one accompanied Guest to the Club and to use its facilities. That Adult Member is responsible for the safety and conduct of the Guest, and the Guest is bound by the rules of the Club.


4 - Subscriptions & Fees

  1. The Club year will run from 1st May to 30 April.

  2. Annual subscriptions and other charges shall be set annually at the AGM.

  3. Subscriptions and charges are due within one month of renewal notice being sent out.

  4. Only one Adult Member per subscription shall enjoy the right to vote at General Meetings or to exercise other rights of membership.

5 – Club Facilities

  1. Membership of the Club entitles the Members to full use of Club facilities.

  2. Access to Club facilities will be provided to Members in the form of a PIN code that will allow access to the Club perimeter gate and to the Clubhouse main door.  This PIN will be changed annually with the new PIN being provided to Members who renew their membership.

  3. Members must securely close all external and internal doors when leaving the Club and whilst out on the river.

  4. Members are not permitted to leave any belongings or boats at the Club without prior agreement by the Committee.

  5. Members are responsible for taking all belongings and any litter with them when leaving the Club.

  6. Members are not permitted to use Club facilities outside the hours of 10pm to 7am without prior agreement by the Committee.

  7. Members must treat Club facilities with respect and any damage to Club facilities or property must be reported immediately by the Member or Members concerned.  If any craft is damaged whilst being used, it must be returned as soon as soon as practicable to the Club Boathouse by the Member or Members concerned.

  8. Members must turn off all lights, heaters, taps etc. when leaving the Club.

  9. Only boats marked OBC or Oundle Boat Club are available for the use of Members.  All other boats should be considered privately owned and must not be used.

  10. Camping or overnight sleeping on Club premises is not permitted.

6 - Club Boats

  1. The Club maintains a number of boats and equipment such as paddles and buoyancy aids for Members to use.  These will usually be clearly identified by having ‘OBC’ or ‘Oundle Boat Club’ written on the boat.

  2. Club boats should be used in accordance with best boating practice and treated with care so as to prolong their useful life at the Club.

7 – Boat Storage

  1. Members may apply to store boats and related equipment on club premises. Granting this will be solely at the Committee's discretion regarding space and suitability. Storage charges for all equipment will be decided by the Committee annually. The Committee shall decide what type and size of boat is appropriate to the Club.

  2. All Members store craft on Club premises entirely at their own risk. The Club shall NOT be responsible for any damage to, or caused by, Members' equipment.

  3.  The Club reserves the right to move (or ask for the removal of) any stored equipment as it finds necessary. Any equipment that is moved to the outside compound shall be eligible for charge reduction that year or part thereof.

  4. All craft and any larger detached parts thereof must be identified with the Club official ownership tag, indicating payment of current charges. (paddles and other items should also carry some identification). The Committee, at its discretion will dispose of, or take over for Club use, all unidentified items. This shall be done at least 21 days after all current Members have been contacted informing them of disposal.

  5. If a Member fails to pay the subscription and storage charges when due, the Club reserves the right (subject to 21 days written notice to their registered email address) to dispose of that unclaimed, but identified, property left on Club premises.

8 - Damage

  1. Any damage to the property of the Club or Members' private boats shall be reported immediately to the Secretary by the Member or Members concerned.

  2. The liability of such Member or Members to defray the cost of repairing any damage shall be decided by the Committee.

9  - Contravention of Rules

Any Member breaking or assisting any person to break any of these rules may be liable to expulsion from the Club, notice of which will be given by the Committee to the registered email address of the Member.

10 – Logbook

Members must complete the Logbook when they take boats out on the river.  Date, Time In, Time out, details of boat(s) and Member name should be completed.

11 - Working Parties & Contribution to Club Operation

All Members are expected to contribute on at least one occasion per year to either a working party, the cleaning/ lawn mowing rota or Committee agreed activity. Exemption from this rule may be approved by the Committee.

12 - Fishing & Swimming

No craft or part of the Club premises shall be used for fishing or swimming from.

13 – Parking

  1. The Club requests that Members do not park vehicles in Riverside Maltings unless loading/unloading boats.

  2. General parking is available in New Road.

  3. The Club has agreement to use a limited number of spaces within the Fostering Solutions car park, on the gravel.  Please ensure that the car park gate is kept closed at all times.

14 - Insurance of  Private Boats

The Committee may require Members to produce evidence that their boats are adequately insured against loss, damage and third party risks.

15 - Safety Afloat

The Club accepts no responsibility for ensuring that any Member or Guest or any other person using the facilities of the Club is adequately qualified or experienced in health and safety matters in general or in safety on the water or in watercraft handling.

16 - Officers

  1. The Officers of the Club shall be the Chairman, Treasurer, and the Membership Secretary.

  2. All shall be subscribing Members and will serve as ex-officio members of the Committee. All Officers shall be honorary posts.

17 - Committee

  1. The Committee shall manage all the affairs of the Club.

  2. The Committee shall consist of at least one subscribing Member in addition to the Officers.

  3. The Officers and other Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting or at a special General Meeting to be convened for that purpose.

  4. The Quorum shall be two.

  5. Casual vacancies of the Committee, the Trustees arising between AGMs, shall be filled at the discretion of the Committee.

18 - Trustees

There shall be two trustees who shall be eighteen or over. The position of Trustee shall be honorary.

19 - Annual General Meeting

  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held as soon as convenient after 1st May and may be held online via video conference.

  2. At least fourteen days’ Notice of Meeting must be given to each subscribing Member via email.

  3. At a General Meeting, three subscribing adult Members shall be a quorum. No business other than that listed below shall be discussed at such a meeting unless notice in writing be given to the Membership Secretary fourteen days before the meeting.

  4. Resolutions may be passed by a simple majority, the Secretary having the second or casting vote.

  5. The agenda shall be:

    1. Receive a report from Membership Secretary.

    2. Receive a report and Accounts from the Treasurer.

    3. Election of Officers and Committee.

    4. Confirm fees and storage charges.

    5. AOB previously notified.

20 - Extraordinary General Meeting

  1. This may be convened at any time by resolution of Committee or by written request to the Membership Secretary signed by at least one third of subscribing Members.

  2. The business conducted may include only:

    1. Replacement of Officers, Committee Members or Trustees.

    2. Revision of Rules.

    3. Dissolution of the Club.

    4. Confirm subscriptions and other charges as agreed by the Committee prior to the meeting.

21 - Bylaws

The Committee shall make such by-laws, rules and regulations as they think fit as to the management of the Club, or of the Club facilities.

22 - Dissolution of the Club

In the event that it is Resolved at an Extraordinary General Meeting of the Club 'That the Club be Dissolved' then all matters relating to the payment of the debts and liabilities of the Club and to the disposal of the assets of the Club and to the disbursement of any residue remaining shall be the responsibility of and be managed by the elected Committee who shall act by a simple majority of votes with the Chair having the casting vote and who shall be deemed to be the authorized agents of the Club and its duly paid up 

23 - Liability of Officers and Members of the Committee

Every Officer and Member of the Committee of the Club shall be entitled to be indemnified out of the assets of the Club against all losses or liabilities which may be sustained or incurred in the execution of duties or otherwise in relation thereto and shall not be liable for any loss damage or misfortune which may happen to or be incurred by the Club in the execution of duties office or in relation thereto.

24 - Liability of Members of the Club

Every Member of the Club undertakes to contribute to the assets of the Club in the event of the same being dissolved during the time that they are a member for payment of the costs charges and expenses of dissolution and for the adjustments of the rights of the contributors amongst themselves such amounts as may be required not exceeding £1 (one pound sterling) and other than this aforesaid and also as laid down elsewhere in these rules there shall be no other responsibility upon any Member of the Club to meet the cost of any losses or liabilities incurred by the Club in any way whatsoever.

25 - Personal Liability of Members

The Club shall not be responsible for the liability of Members to claims by any third party due to any action or inaction of the Member concerned whether on or off Club property. Members are advised to ensure that they have valid insurance against personal accident, loss, damage and third-party risks.

26 - Equal Opportunities Policy

The Club will respect the rights of all Members and will ensure all Members receive equal treatment irrespective of race, age, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, HIV status, disability, religion or belief.

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