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Storm Henk Reaches OBC!

Firstly, a very Happy New Year to all Members!

Not completely unexpectedly, Storm Henk's rising water levels have caused some minor problems at the Club. As you'll see from the pictures below, the Club is now effectively inaccessible, with the entrance underwater. More seriously, the new floating pontoon was lifted above its pilings and were it not chained, we would likely have lost it. Luckily the water level has not reached the Clubhouse itself.

Our self-styled 'SBS Team' have today managed to re-position the pontoon in place and retro fit some longer (4 metre!) pilings. It now resembles a swimming platform. Thanks go to Members Mick, Shaun and David for their help.

Let's hope we see the water start to recede in the coming days.

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Crumbs dramatic scenes! Well done team in getting things secured. We have a jet washer and brushes should you need us to do a clear up job of any scum left around the club house once the water has subsided. The Borleys 07984 100376

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